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. hello. thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. following their first debate, president obama and governor mitt romney are back on the campaign trail today. mr. romney will be in virginia, and the president is going to deliver remarks in colorado and
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wisconsin. both candidates traded views on the economy and domestic issues last night in denver. tara mergener has more. >> reporter: mitt romney set the debate tone early. >> under the president's policies, middle-income americans have been buried. >> reporter: energetic and aggressive, romney slammed the president's economic record and laid out his own plan. >> there be will no tax cut that adds to the deficit. i want to underline that no tax cut that adds to the deficit. >> reporter: but the president repeatedly insisted that romney is calling for $8 trillion in tax cuts and spending that cannot be paid for without adding to the deficit or burdening more middle-income americans. >> it's math. it's arithmetic. >> reporter: the. also criticized his -- the president also chris sitees the -- criticized hid cal letter without -- his challenger of not providing more.
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the obama campaign is conceding that the extensive preparation paid off at a time when he needed a lift. many viewers saw a president not at the top of his game. >> he seemed a bit nervous for some reason. almost some questions threw him off and rit romney seemed to throw him off a bit as well. >> reporter: not everyone is giving the win to romney. >> obama had -- he was more comfortable with his ideas. romney was working a bit too hard trying to convince people because he's down in the polls. >> reporter: the president and mitt romney square off again two more times. the next debate is a town hall style event in new york. tara mergener for cbs news, the white house. >> we sampled some reaction to the debate some our facebook page. it said the problem with the debate is they're going past their time limit and mitt romney wasn't clear what he would do for the economy. so for me it's a tie. kia said not only did romney
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insult educators, he also insulted the poor. obama wasn't a big winner tonight either. he lacked an aggression. so overall i think it was a fair fight. you can leave your comments by going to the candidates can get carried away sometimes when they are explaining their positions. so did mitt romney or president owe bottom ma stretch the truth -- president obama stretch the truth when they were talking about taxes. derek mcginty watched the debate with our partners at "u.s.a. today." >> reporter: there was a lot to talk about and a lot of facts out there, especially this $5 trillion in tax cuts. president obama says that's what romney wants to do. romney says not me. take a listen. >> governor romney's central economic plan calls for a $5 trillion tax cut on top of the extension of the bush tax cuts. that's another trillion dollars. and $2 trillion in additional military spending that the military hasn't asked for. >> i don't have a $5 trillion
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tax cut. i don't have a tax cut of a scale that you're talking about. my view is that we ought to provide tax relief to people in the middle class. >> reporter: all right. two contending points there. only one of them can be right. paul singer, the fact checker here tonight, political editor at "u.s.a. today." who's right? >> mitt romney does have tax cuts in his plan. the issue is it really a $5 trillion tax cut because what he says is if it will -- says but it will make more revenue because it creates more jobs. those people then start paying taxes. so it doesn't actually cut revenues to the government. but there are cuts in the tax rate that individuals pay. i'm not sure how to count whether that is or is not a tax cut. >> reporter: okay. bottom line, $5 trillion not $5 trillion or there is no bottom line? >> the romney-ryan plan has never specified exactly what the loopholes they will close or how the math adds up, but
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they say it is not a $5 trillion tax cut because it has these other residual benefits. >> we have more fact checks on our website and you can hear more from the candidates themselves. in other news, the campaign of john delaney says that he made a mistake by not voting in two elections in the last six years. delaney is a democrat. he's running for congress in maryland. his campaign admits that he did not vote in the 2006 general election or the 2010 democratic primary. he is running against incumbent republican rosco bartlet. this campaign raises questions whether delaney is trustworthy, according to the republicans. clues raised about the disappearance of a senior
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missing. >> police have a new clue in the search for a man who is groping women and also girls in springfield, virginia. we'll have those stories when we come back. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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police have released a composite sketch of a man accused of fondling teenagers and women in fairfax county. the suspect is described as being hispanic, in his 30s. in one of the incidents, a 40- year-old woman said she was walking along hibbling avenue in springfield when she was grabbed and groped. police believe that she is the fifth victim. no one has required medical attention. police in fairfax county are searching for a senior from woodson high school. he's been missing since monday.
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kristin fisher sat down with his parents at their home in fairfax this morning. >> it wasn't until after football practice when he was overdue in coming home that i became concerned. >> reporter: that was monday evening. mike glenn has been searching for his son ever since. 17-year-old bryan glenn, a senior at woodson high school. >> it's difficult. it's really tough. we don't have enough leads to help us develop an opinion on what the likely outcome is here. >> reporter: bryan was last seen here at woodson high school around 7:15 monday morning. his car was found less than 24 hours later at a park just two miles away. inside his car, police found their next big clue. a receipt from a dunkin donuts ju up the road. >> it's -- as a parent i would like to think i've got a 17- year-old son who's experimented and something went awry and he's trying to figure out how to -- how to deal with the
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shame and come home. i'd like to think that's the case. i'm praying that that's the case. >> reporter: he's also praying that surveillance footage from that dunkin donuts will show whether or not bryan was alone. police in fairfax county are calling the case unusual but not suspicious. detectives spent yesterday searching the area for clues and they'll be back at it again today. >> we know bryan's out there. and we want him to -- we want to know he's going to be okay. we're going to get him home. >> reporter: in fairfax, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> if you know anything about bryan glenn's whereabouts, please call the fairfax county police. their telephone number is area code 703-691-2131. the wife of illinois congressman jesse jackson, jr. says he may not go back to work before the election. but that's not expected to prevent his reelection next
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month. the democrat has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. he has not been to his congressional office in washington since june, and he has not campaigned in his chicago district at all. his wife says that he would like to appear in public, but he is still recovering. >> i know that he is anxious to do so, but he is also under a doctor's order to stay very calm, very quiet, and he's going to do that. >> cbs news reports that jackson has put his washington home on the market. his wife says the family needs the money in order to pay medical bills that are not covered by congressional insurance. returning our attention now back to last night's presidential debate. roll call calls it a walky debate. the question stands, do you think it will sway voters? with me now is roll call's
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white house correspondent steven dennis. what is your opinion? >> well, i think it's definitely something that gives mitt romney's campaign new life. coming into this debate, his campaign was really reeling from several disastrous weeks. this 47% video. if you look at the polling, people thought that -- especially in the swing states like ohio that he was out for the rich, that he was -- these attacks that the president has been putting on the r, nonstop in these swing states that he's going to raise taxes onthe middle class and give to the wealthy had been hitting and have been hurting him badly combined with that video. so he came out punching and he came out trying to puncture that caricature, running to the middle on a lot of issues and on taxes really trying to hammer home this idea that he's not going to cut taxes for the rich, that he's going to cut taxes for the middle class, and the problem for him still that he hasn't yet shown how he can pay for it.
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the president tried to sort of puncture that a little bit, but i think the president just appeared tired and looked down a lot and didn't seem to be delivering his punches with the fervor that mitt romney has. >> are you surprised by the president's performance? >> i think a lot of people were surprised. i think a lot of his supporters were surprised. if you see the reaction from his supporters on twitter and on tv, they were basically saying, you know, i'm stunned that he didn't use the 47% video and go after mitt romney's comments about people being dependent on the government and considering themselves victims and wanting handouts while the 53% are paying the freight. it was kind of odd that he didn't mention that. >> you think he thought it was overplayed because the media certainly had given it a lot of attention and he didn't want to come off as being someone who was beating up on his opponent?
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>> that may have played a part of it, but when you're getting punched and romney was coming out and punching early and punching often, if you don't counterpunch at some point in your debate, it's not good. the one thing that i think obama really did connect towards the end of the debate after romney was sort of saying well, i like parts of wall street reform, just not yours and i'm going to repeal obama care and replace it with something else. without a whole lot of specifics. and on the tax plan, obama said look, this is time and time again here is mitt romney saying he's going to do all these things and he won't tell you what his secret plans are. why is he keeping them a secret? is it because they're so good for the middle class. if they really were great tax plans that weren't going to hit the middle class, he could say how it's not going to hurt the middle class. he could say how he's going to
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regulate wall street and deal with pre-existing conditions. you're seeing fact checkers today and you'll see the obama campaign hammering things home like the preconditioned issue where romney doesn't have anything dealing with people who have cancer and are uninsurable today. the overall romney campaign is saying well, you know, we'll figure out a way for the states to deal with that issue. that's not necessarily a solution today for millions of people who have very serious health problems. that's going to be something that obama didn't really attack yesterday. i think you're going to see a much more vigorous obama in the future. >> in the second and third debate? >> his people -- you know today his people, michele obama, everybody else are going to be telling him and getting in his face that he's got to be more aggressive in the next debate. i think if he watches it, he'll realize, you know, you can't be
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looking down at the podium, and he's got to be much more aggressive. >> all right. steven, thank you so much for being here. we'll be looking. we'll have you come back and give us your analysis again. we're going to take a break and when we come back, howard has the forecast. >> jc, after a gloomy start, sunshine starting to come out here in d.c. so the afternoon looking better. the rain has been good in some respects on the allergy count. all the pollen levels are low. the trees, grass, the weeds. but the mold spores like it moist. they're high. i'll be back with the seven-day forecast looking toward the weekend whether we return.
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the washington nationals are excited because they're going to receive a large gift from the marriott foundation. the foundation donated $250,000 to the nats' dream foundation to build a youth baseball academy in ward 7. the facility with three fields will be used to teach youngsters the fundamentals of baseball and softball. it will also provide after school and summer educational programs for youngsters in the neighborhoods east of the anacostia river. well, the nationals can rest for a couple of days because they are off until sunday. then they'll play the winner of the national league wild card game. game one will be in either st. louis or atlanta. the impossible finally happened yesterday. guess what? teddy, teddy roosevelt won the
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presidents race. it's his first official victory in more than 500 tries. the crowd went wild. in the first at-bat after teddy's win, ryan zimmerman hit a solo home run, his 25th of the season. tied the game at 1. two batters later tyler moore hits the rbi double to give the nats the lead. the nationals beat the phillies 5-1. they end the season with 98 wins, the most in franchise history. yay nats! baseball has its first triple crown winner in 45 years. miguel came bare a -- came by a finished the season -- cabrera finished the season leading in rbis. he received a standing ovation from the crowd in kansas city. >> that's an accomplishment. >> that is a real accomplishment accomplishment. i think baseball blew the schedule on this playing on the
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road but anyway, we are excited. >> can't you tell? >> 91 wins is -- 98 wins is great. they'll have to finish it on the road and come back here. i'm excited about saturday. it's sunday i have a lot of concerns about. we have a big shot of cool air headed this way. here's a look at the day planner for the rest of this afternoon. we have temperatures which will be climbing into the low #s on. some spot -- low 80s. some spots maybe 83, 84. partly sunny conditions here and a little more sun as the afternoon wears on. tonight we're down to 70 by 9:00 dipping into the 50s in the suburbs with low 60s in d.c. showers around this morning. even a little bit of drizzle but you'll notice these are a lot of high clouds coming back almost to garrett county now and the rain showers generally south and east of us. a couple down here by richmond. they could still clip areas in southern maryland and the eastern shore. temps are responding nicely with a little more sun coming out. we have low to mid-70s northwest. winchester to hagerstown 71. but we're up to 80 in annapolis. it's 75 at the tappahannock
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airport, la plata, andrews 74. here in d.c. 78 degrees. as we look outside on our michael & son weather camera, we're looking northeast. skies still mostly cloudy here. out to the west we're seeing a little more blue mixing in. officially cloudy at reagan national with 78 degrees. still real muggy. dew points in the upper 60s and humidity 71%. our weather headline, well, we've got some sun returning. now and even more later. a gorgeous friday. warm saturday. and then sunday cool. we may see a shower saturday. much more likely sunday. the cool air i'm talking about, 30s and 40s here. it's snowing in northwest minnesota. they may get a foot out of this today. watch what happens by friday. the cool air make it is down to st. louis and oklahoma city. highs in the 50s. same in detroit. by saturday, here comes the cool air. we're going to see areas like garrett county staying in the 50s. we'll get into the 70s saturday but sunday, we're going to sphrugle to -- struggle to get toward 60 degrees for the high. as far as today, the isolated
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shower south and east. we clear out tonight. we're looking good tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be fantastic with a high temperature in the low 80s. so the forecast in detail. 81 to 83. tomorrow 82. going to abgorgous friday. -- to be a gorgeous friday. saturday could be a shower in the afternoon with the cold front. 77. much cooler sunday. only about 60 with showers likely. columbus day cool and 52. it's thursday. petline is coming up when 9news now at 9:00 returns. -- at noon returns. weeks of this campaign... and more ads. you, in your living room or... what i'd say. losing nearly eight hundred... mired in iraq. nation we are... moving forward again. get folks back to work and... again. that with even bigger... fewer regulations... prosper. on the same trickle-down... in the first place. so what's my plan? manufacturing jobs... exports... that... ship jobs overseas. in half and produce more... clean coal, natural gas... solar, and biofuels. efficiency of cars and trucks. maintain the best workforce... hundred thousand additional... training two million... they need at our community... tuition in half and... americans can afford it. reduce our deficit by... next decade, on top of the... already cut. little more. afghanistan... pay down our debt and... nation-building... right here at home. patriotism, rooted in the... begins with a strong... thriving middle class. read my plan. and decide for yourself. thanks for listening. this message.
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welcome back. petline thursday. this is julie from the humane society. she has angel. she's all dressed up going out to a big party. >> a big party on november 3.
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she's getting ready. >> she's a sweety. >> she is. >> she knows how to sit now. >> she s. she's a quick owner. she's only a year old but the energy will be perfect to harness into tricks and manners. everybody is allowed to bring their dogs to the biggest gala of the year. it's a great time. everybody dresses up their dogs. it's really fun. >> i've been to events like this. it is fun. the dogs love it. there's treats for the animals. the washington-- >> go to the montgomery county humane website. all the information will be on there and angel's information number 148. >> a sweet girl. about a year old. she's looking for what sort of home? >> active home. she could probably go great with a family and somebody that's willing to teach her a little bit. >> she is trainable i believe. >> oh, yeah. >> certainly needs to get that energy -- at least one good
12:28 pm
walk a day. give us the website? [ inaudible ] >> if you missed any of that, go to or the petline section. all the information is there. back to you. >> that's it, howard. thanks for being with us. come back and visit us for 9news now at 5:00. have a great day.
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